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Lao New Year 2001

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President of Lao Student & Culture Revival Center and Lao New Year in Fresno since 1998

Mr. Stan Kansaath, President. Also a student at California State University of Fresno.

Somphiane Phommahasay, Vice president of Lao New Year Fresno 2001. Somphiane (Sam) graduated from Law School. He's working hard for his BARS exam now to become an attorney at law for our Lao Community

Hi, I'm Anonh Sengmany

Mr. Anonh Sengmany, President Assistant and Publicity
Anonh is a graduated student in Civil Engineer.

Lamphoune (Boh) or Walter Luangrath, Treasurer of LSCR since 1999. He's also a Social Work student at CSUFresno.

Hi, I'm Bangone Kansaath

Bangon Kansaath, Students Parade and Miss New Year trainer. she's also a student at California State University of Fresno.

Hi, I'm Sakhone Kansaath

Sakhone Kansaath, Human relation and Secretary and Former Vice President and Secretary to Lao Student Club at California State University of Fresno.

Hi, I'm Lany Syvongsay

Lany syvongsay, President of Lao Student club of California State University of Fresno, and Human relation to Lao New Year 2001.

Hi, I'm Sounthone Kansaath

Sounthone Kansaath, Assistant to Bang and Sakhone. Also a student at Fresno City College, Major in Child Development..

Bang's Group